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Have you ever been scared of poetry? Of course not you're tough. Don't like swearing then don't go to coffee shops or out of your house. Look if you want a ride and not get scared then this book is not for you, because you always obey the rules, tsk, tsk you poor thing. Welcome to brain candy it's better than sex ! Come read the profanity of insanity! You might end up learning something that you never knew before.

Enter Here, Exit There

The book is done in a large variety of poems, from fish that laugh, to not obeying traffic lights. Some poems you might relate to, but if the poems don't touch any of your emotions.Then you might end up laughing, no points marked off.

Short Screenplays

This is my best version of short screenplays it has five in total to complete the book. This has the book ORIGINAL then I added two more to the book.. This completes my writing in short screenplays. I may do in time full screenplays for movies, as I have also studied screenplay writing I have a full screenplay written, but I'm not going to make any more books on screenplays at this time. Consider yourself lucky to see screenplays numbered like in the old days and un-numbered screenplays which is common now. The book is about end-of-the-world stories when I was in the mood from a nuclear holocaust surviving it. Gang warfare, horror, and comedy throughout the book. Fantasy as a woman drinks a 100-year-old pop. To acts of crime and addiction. All short screenplays are comedy horror. If you don't like those categories look somewhere else better to have you not waste my time and yours..

The Dove Eats Spaghetti!

This is my only true children's book. Everything I have so far is not for kids. Some may look at this book and say it's for older kids, but surely you can sit with a child and read it for them, like a bedtime story. The book is very tame . It is funny if the kids get some jokes if they don't the adults should explain it to them.

Letters To And From Heidi

The book is about Heidi and Me. I fell in love with her, we had met on the computer, which might sound very odd, but as the reader begins to read the story. It somehow makes sense. The book begins in my childhood, and Heidi’s childhood, until we reach teenage years too adult. It is about our mini Biography growing up, and remembering the childhood years ‘till the present. This book is filled with many mixed emotions, from funny moments to sad moments. It deals with illness and how we coped with illness. It has family life, and how we were brought up as kids how we deal with adult life.

original book.png

This Short Screenplay book is my Original Three. The Desert, The Dead Cry Mary and Nova. My books will not be in museums to have auctions, so people have to waste thousands of dollars on getting a hold of my books. My books will not be rare they will be alive and kicking for those who want a good deal on books, without breaking their piggy banks.


This Dead Poetry book is my Halloween book. It is one of my earliest Original books. If you love Halloween you will love this book. I may only keep the book up for a limited time. Read at your own risk!

halloween book.png
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