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Joe's Life

I studied long ago as a Freelance Writer at home studies. I had 2 years to complete the Freelance Writing studies. The Freelance Writing was my goal. As Freelance I can write in every category. My course outline was I was supposed to write 6 short stories. I asked to write 12 short stories, which I did and when, I was graded I received my Freelance Diploma. As I was writing many poems, some funny, some not understood, some enlightening, some scary. I found the scary stuff was the most fun. So, did many other people who read my poems. I'm not just a poetry writer. I'm a Freelance Writer, which means I write in any category I so choose. This is the big difference between a category writer in one field, and a Freelance Writer capable of writing in all the categories. I love the playing fields.

Joe E. Amaral
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